Beta of the Month - December - Jordan Lemoine

This month’s Beta of the month is Jordan Lemoine for his work with the Torero Board Program. Jordan is also an Ambassador for the University of San Diego and serves as Vice President of tour guide training for the program.



  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Major: Business Economics

What is the Torero Program Board? - “The Torero Program Board (TPB) plans events for the student population at USD to increase community. These events can be anything from concerts, to tailgates for sports games, to Disneyland trips.”

What is your role in TPB? - “I am the Spirit and Traditions Coordinator on TPB which means that I am responsible for planning tailgates for sports games. Also, I was in charge of planning Spirit Week which was a competition between student organizations to increase spirit. My favorite part has been the tailgates because I get to design cool shirts to give to students. You may have noticed the ‘Stay Classy’ tanks that I designed around campus.”

How has Beta helped you with your role TPB?- “Beta has been huge in my role with TPB because all the guys are so supportive of what I do. One of my best moments in Beta was when we won the Spirit Week trophy and that is such a testament to helping a brother out when they really need it.”

Why have you remained active in Beta?- “I have remained active in Beta because I love hanging out with everyone in it and seeing what they are able to add for the betterment of the group. When I walk around campus wearing my letters, I'm so proud to be given the opportunity to represent my brothers in everything that I do.”

What has been your favorite moment in Beta been so far?- “I don't think I could possibly pick just one because I love so many things about it. Broomball is definitely up there. I also really like chapter meeting because it gives us all a chance to take a break from our busy schedules and come together each week.”

Beta of the Month - November - Trenton Mendenhall


An interview with Trenton Mendenhall

  • Grade: Senior
  • Hometown: Turlock, Ca
  • Major: Behavioural Neuroscience

This months Beta of the Month is Trenton Mendenhall for his work involving USD’s student government Associated Students (AS). Trenton serves as AS Speaker of the Senate and his past involvements include roles as a preceptorial assistant, international student buddy, residential senator for AS, as well as being a member of Phi Delta Epsilon USD’s medical fraternity.

What is AS? - “AS is the governing body of the undergraduate student population. We are here to make sure students’ voices are heard and that student organizations receive any assistance they need.”

What does your role consist of as AS Speaker of the Senate? - “I oversee thirty senators and make sure they are reaching out to students across all areas of campus as a way of ensuring everyone's voice is heard. I assist in writing resolutions that support various issues. I also serve as a member of the Student Affairs Committee for the Board of Trustees.”

How has Beta helped you with your role in AS? - “The gentlemen of Beta always assist me when I need help in AS. They helped with my election campaign last spring and to this day continue to spread the word of any AS Initiatives I am working on.”

Why have you remained active with Beta? - “Mainly the brotherhood. The men, or my brothers, have always been a group of guys I can fall back on and know will be there to catch me if I fall. Although Beta is a social organization and we have great events, knowing that I can call any of these guys at any time of the day to just hang out, talk, or study in the library shows how strong our brotherhood is.”

What has been your favorite moment in Beta? - “My favorite moment in Beta was at a brotherhood camping trip during my pledge semester. I fell and landed on a cactus and my brothers were literally there to catch me and show mutual assistance. Later on that trip we were able to bond and share stories over the campfire. I have had many great moments in Beta this was just one of the first that happened when I joined this.” brotherhood and is one that I know I will always remember.


Alex Hermann ’14 wins associated students presidential election

The 2013 Associated Students election was exciting for Beta Theta Pi as Alex Hermann '14 was elected President of the University of San Diego Associated Students for the 2013-2014 school year. He will lead the Associated Students Leadership Team whose mission is to "promote opportunities for growth and expression, address student issues, and enrich a diverse, inclusive, and engaged community."

Alex is the first Beta to be elected AS President, and in his campaign statement, he stated he was running for President to "build a bridge for future generations to cross." For Betas, this idea should sound very familiar, as it is a model found in the “Bridge Builder” poem, which is read at the very first pledge meeting and meant to instill the idea of building a lasting legacy in Beta Theta Pi.

Alex states his inspiration for leading the University of San Diego community comes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “He who is greatest among you shall be your servant.” Alex is excited at the prospect of serving the USD community next year and wants to continue living out Dr. King’s philosophy.

Congratulations again to Alex Hermann, who has started his own legacy of members of Beta Theta Pi serving the University of San Diego as student leaders. He has made his chapter incredibly proud.


Zeta Omega Recruits Largest Pledge Class

  February 19, 2013 will forever be remembered as one of the most exciting days in Zeta Omega chapter history as 34 men accepted their bids to Beta Theta Pi. This is the chapter’s largest pledge class thus far, as well as the largest fraternity pledge class currently at the University of San Diego.

Beta’s efforts during the recruitment process can be better understood when considering that despite the high number of bids accepted, it was also the highest bid acceptance rate with 34/38 people joining the pledge process. Therefore, the chapter was not only able to seek out the best gentlemen on campus who displayed our core values, but Betas showed they are also incredibly successful at “sealing the deal” and relayed the positive message of the fraternity’s mission, vision, and goals.

 Following the formal recruitment process, Beta Theta Pi continued to seek out potential new members through the “Continuous Open Bid” process. The chapter invited a few select individuals who remained interested in joining the fraternity and spent two weeks being interviewed by active members before a final vote. The Zeta Omega chapter extended bids to an additional 4 gentlemen following the process, bringing the pledge class size to a whopping 38 members.

This group of 38 freshmen is already full of student athletes, campus leaders, and scholars and the chapter is looking forward to seeing what these gentlemen will bring over the next few years.


Order of Omega Awards Ceremony

The Zeta Omega Chapter had a very successful year, culminated by earning multiple awards at the 2012 Order of Omega Award's Ceremony. Order of Omega is a national Greek honor society that recognizes the outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement of members of the Greek community. Zeta Omega was awarded the Academic Excellence Award for achieving the highest GPA on campus in both the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 semesters. Ryan Safar (front, right) was awarded the Male Greek New Member of the Year Award for his outstanding contribution to our chapter and the campus community. Lindsey Mercer (front, center) was awarded the Advisor of the Year Award, for contributing not only to our chapter's success, but to the Greek community as a whole by providing legal advice and going the extra mile to touch as many lives as possible. And finally, the most important award of the evening, the Dean's Trophy for fraternity excellence was awarded to the Zeta Omega Chapter for receiving the highest score in all five core values of Greek Life: social justice and selfless service, high social standards, leadership, academic excellence and brotherhood. We would like to congratulate all the members of Zeta Omega for their outstanding effort throughout this past year, and recognize Ryan Safar and Lindsey Mercer for a very successful year!

4th Annual Surf As One A Success

On October 6, 2012, the men of the Zeta Omega chapter held the fourth annual Surf As One charity surf competition. Brother Alex Elizarraraz organized the event and drove it to be extremely successful, drawing a crowd of about 400 supporters to Mission Beach. The event supports Life Rolls On, a unique non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury through the use of action sports to show the infinite possibilities beyond paralysis. Participants in the event included chapter brothers and the public, including the San Diego State University Surf Team who won the event. The fundraising results are still being tallied, but stay tuned to see how much Zeta Omega raised for this fantastic cause!


Highlights from the 173rd General Convention


Beta Theta Pi held its 173rd General Convention in Chicago, IL this past August, 2012. The Zeta Omega chapter proudly won several awards at the convention, such as the John Reily Knox Award for Overall Chapter Excellence, Francis H. Sisson Award for Chapter Operations, Excellence in Risk Management Award, Virginia Tech Award for Academic Excellence, Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Award, and the Website Excellence Award for Zeta Omega is very proud of our advisor Lindsey Mercer, who won the Edward B. Taylor Advisor of the Year Award. The Zeta Omega delegation had a blast at the convention, making connections with the other chapters and building brotherhood among the other Zeta Omega attendees.