172nd General Convention

This summer in Seattle, at the 172nd General Convention of Beta Theta Pi, the Zeta Omega chapter continued to build on previous success. The Betas of the University of San Diego brought home their second consecutive Knox Award, the highest award issued by the General Fraternity, as well as their fifth Sisson Award, the second highest award. The chapter also earned its first ever Outstanding Pledge Education Award. The men of Zeta Omega received several other awards, but one of the proudest moments for Zeta Omega at convention was an award not given to the chapter or even a member of the chapter, but rather to a member of the USD Greek community. This year at the 172nd General Convention our very own Mandy Womack was named as the Greek Advisor of the Year for all of Beta Theta Pi. All of us at Zeta Omega are extremely proud and honored to have such an amazing individual as part of our advisory team and Greek community. Mandy has worked with countless members in the chapter and continues to play a vital role in the success of the Zeta Omega chapter and the USD Greek community as a whole. 

While convention is a special time to be honored for hard work, brothers came home with much more than awards this summer. The Betas who made the journey to the Pacific Northwest spent quality time together exploring the beauty and excitement of Seattle. Highlights included Pike’s Place Market, the Space Needle, and a variety of local restaurants. All of the undergraduate Betas also took part in a leadership college where invaluable skills of recruitment, career building, and the history of Beta Theta Pi were learned and developed, just to name a few. Convention was certainly a great and exciting time for all who took part and should definitely be an item on the bucket lists of all Betas.