Beta of the Month - November - Trenton Mendenhall


An interview with Trenton Mendenhall

  • Grade: Senior
  • Hometown: Turlock, Ca
  • Major: Behavioural Neuroscience

This months Beta of the Month is Trenton Mendenhall for his work involving USD’s student government Associated Students (AS). Trenton serves as AS Speaker of the Senate and his past involvements include roles as a preceptorial assistant, international student buddy, residential senator for AS, as well as being a member of Phi Delta Epsilon USD’s medical fraternity.

What is AS? - “AS is the governing body of the undergraduate student population. We are here to make sure students’ voices are heard and that student organizations receive any assistance they need.”

What does your role consist of as AS Speaker of the Senate? - “I oversee thirty senators and make sure they are reaching out to students across all areas of campus as a way of ensuring everyone's voice is heard. I assist in writing resolutions that support various issues. I also serve as a member of the Student Affairs Committee for the Board of Trustees.”

How has Beta helped you with your role in AS? - “The gentlemen of Beta always assist me when I need help in AS. They helped with my election campaign last spring and to this day continue to spread the word of any AS Initiatives I am working on.”

Why have you remained active with Beta? - “Mainly the brotherhood. The men, or my brothers, have always been a group of guys I can fall back on and know will be there to catch me if I fall. Although Beta is a social organization and we have great events, knowing that I can call any of these guys at any time of the day to just hang out, talk, or study in the library shows how strong our brotherhood is.”

What has been your favorite moment in Beta? - “My favorite moment in Beta was at a brotherhood camping trip during my pledge semester. I fell and landed on a cactus and my brothers were literally there to catch me and show mutual assistance. Later on that trip we were able to bond and share stories over the campfire. I have had many great moments in Beta this was just one of the first that happened when I joined this.” brotherhood and is one that I know I will always remember.