Beta of the Month - December - Jordan Lemoine

This month’s Beta of the month is Jordan Lemoine for his work with the Torero Board Program. Jordan is also an Ambassador for the University of San Diego and serves as Vice President of tour guide training for the program.



  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Major: Business Economics

What is the Torero Program Board? - “The Torero Program Board (TPB) plans events for the student population at USD to increase community. These events can be anything from concerts, to tailgates for sports games, to Disneyland trips.”

What is your role in TPB? - “I am the Spirit and Traditions Coordinator on TPB which means that I am responsible for planning tailgates for sports games. Also, I was in charge of planning Spirit Week which was a competition between student organizations to increase spirit. My favorite part has been the tailgates because I get to design cool shirts to give to students. You may have noticed the ‘Stay Classy’ tanks that I designed around campus.”

How has Beta helped you with your role TPB?- “Beta has been huge in my role with TPB because all the guys are so supportive of what I do. One of my best moments in Beta was when we won the Spirit Week trophy and that is such a testament to helping a brother out when they really need it.”

Why have you remained active in Beta?- “I have remained active in Beta because I love hanging out with everyone in it and seeing what they are able to add for the betterment of the group. When I walk around campus wearing my letters, I'm so proud to be given the opportunity to represent my brothers in everything that I do.”

What has been your favorite moment in Beta been so far?- “I don't think I could possibly pick just one because I love so many things about it. Broomball is definitely up there. I also really like chapter meeting because it gives us all a chance to take a break from our busy schedules and come together each week.”