Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to developing leaders of integrity who enable positive action, accountability, and personal development among members of their chapters, Greek communities, and the General Fraternity. Every year, the Beta Theta Pi Foundation sponsors Beta undergraduates to attend a wide range of nationally recognized leadership programs. Almost half of the Zeta Omega chapter has attended one or more of these experiences. The chapter has been recognized by the General Fraternity with the Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Award each year since 2007.


To apply to attend an upcoming session of one of these opportunities, please click here.  For details on all of Beta's leadership opportunities click here.  For more info on UIFI, visit the NIC's page here.

Testimonials from Past Participants

"The John and Nellie Wooden Institute was an experience that I have a hard time putting in words. Institute helped me to better understand what being a Beta means. It was remarkable to come together with people I had never met before to find that they hold dear the same values I do. The various exercises and activities helped me hone my leadership abilities and taught me that leaders aren't always the ones in the front of the room leading meeting. Beta to me is so much more than simply getting good grades or being a gentleman; Beta is about pushing to always be the best possible person you can be and helping those around you do the same thing."
-Taylor Shramo, San Diego '10


"I was able to really get a grasp on our principles and what we truly stand for.  By talking with other members and facilitators I was able to see what our chapter excelled in and also where we are lacking. I have many ideas for what can make our chapter better and develop a stronger brotherhood."
-Matt Sirianni, San Diego '15

"The leadership opportunities that Beta has given me the chance to attend have shaped the man that I am today. UIFI shook my image of Greek Life to its core; it reinstated in me a values based existence and the philosophy that all positive actions stem from a solid foundation of morals. At UIFI, I began to realize the qualities of a leader, but the Institute experience taught me the skills and mind set necessary to have a positive influence. Both these experiences allowed me to deeply reflect upon myself (and) the choices I make."
-James Gill, San Diego '10

"Convention was a wonderful experience. Going to an event like Convention shows that there are thousands of Betas all doing the same things across the nation. Sometimes you forget that the brotherhood extends beyond the boundaries of our school community. Being a Beta means being a part of a family. I have three blood brothers, about a hundred and fifty San Diego brothers, and thousands of other brothers. It is a family that will always be there to support and encourage me to do my best."
-Alex Milkovich, San Diego '10


-David Bittner, San Diego ’14. At the conclusion of his session of the Wooden Institute in Oxford, OH this past summer, David offered the following reflection on his experience addressed to Brother John Wooden’s family in recognition of their support of Beta Theta Pi. (click here)